The Exhibition

Hi Everyone,

This term for UOI (unit of inquiry) we did a unit called The Exhibition . We had a topic of peace and conflict. We chose a focus area and mine was psychology. I was in a group of 3 and we divised our own central idea and lines of inquiry. We researched them and learnt lots of new things. We had mentors from year 10 that we meet with and they helped us. After researching we started brain storming ideas for our display nigh when we would showcase our work. We had a stall with all sorts of interactive things and all our findings.

My highlight was seeing people come to our stall and be really interested and doing the interactive things. It really made me feel as if all my hard work was really valued.

Overall it was a great experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

– Alice

A blank canvas and a new year

Hi Everyone,

I’m so sorry I haven’t posted In a really long time.

I’m posting about my Year/Grade 7 orientation. In Australia we start our school year in January / February. So we had an orientation.

We arrived on Monday and sat 5 tests to so the teachers have some background knowledge. Then we were put in groups. I was in the blue group. We had a tast of what next year will be like and checked out drama, sport, art, science and food tech. We got to do fun activities and meet the new girls and the high school teachers. It was super fun and I can not wait till next year.

– Alice

Building with blockly

Hi everyone,

I’m really sorry I haven’t posted in so long, it was school holidays and I’ve been super busy. Anyway lets move on.

At school we have recently started a coding challenge called GROK. GROK is a completion run by a university for kids to learn how to code and earn points while completing the challenges. The coding is in a language called python but I’m doing the blockly course which is python with a visual representation. They teach you and show examples then give you a problem to solve. It can get really hard especially the ones when you have to make a little turtle draw something because you have to put in all the turns and degrees.

Here is a video:   Grok screen -2arc92z

That was one of the more complicated ones.

More posts coming

The End of my Passion Project

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday we had an open morning and showed everyone our end projects. I had a large display pin board to hang my five framed photos. I finished my website ( and also made an instagram page for my business. I made business cards to give out and have sold three photo prints already.

Here is a reflection on the process . . .

What I enjoyed most about the experience was the free choice and independence were had. I felt really good to know that it was my idea and my business.

One thing I learnt from this experience is persistence. I really persistent when I was taking the photos and  some of the ideas backfired. Another thing I learnt was setting up a business. I learnt a lot about financial things and making a website.

I’m really happy with my project but thing I could have done was selling the actual prints at the open morning instead of giving out my URL and getting people to order online.

After looking at everyone else’s projects I found one really impressive and thought I would share it with you. Rosie from the other class made an amazing dress out of only plastic bags to raise awareness about their effect on the environment. (

Bye For Now

– Alice



More Passion Project updates


I have made progress over the last few days I thought I would tell you about. I’m definitely making a website and its going really well. I made a logo for my company (cutsie prints) and now I’m deciding details like sizes and costs.

Here is my logo

– Alice

Passion Project #4

Hello everyone,

I’m here with updates on my passion project. I was really busy this week and have finished taking the photos and I’m in the editing stages. Also this week I started my presentation recording everything. I came up with a new idea that I may or may not do , I thought I could use a free website maker and sell the prints online. As I start to get ready for the presentation I have to order my picture frames so  they get to me on time.

I won’t show you the rest of the photos till my presentation because I don’t want to spoil it (last week was a sneak peek). But I have some others.











– Alice

Passion Project #3

Hey Guys,

I’m here with updates on my PP (passion project) if you don’t know what that is read Passion Project #1 … and Passion Project#2 to find out.

So I was very busy this week I gatered all my materials and stated taking photos. I have loads of different coloured backgrounds and loads of cut things to photograph. I was planning to take 9 photos but some of my plans are backfiring so I have only taken 4 so far.

Here they are…

– Alice

Passion Project #2

Hi Everyone,

I’m back with updates on my Passion project if you don’t know what that is read my post The Beginning … to find out. So this week I’ve just been getting organised and made a table of what skills I’m going to learn, what I will need and which sources will help me.

Click the white space between the brackets to see the table (Passion project table-2b02tao)

Will Post again next week

– Alice

Passion Project #1

Hello everyone,

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while have been really over the holidays.

This term year 6 at my school are running this task called the passion project. The passion project is a task wich is streched over a period of seven weeks in which you chose an area you are passionate about and complete a project which involves learning a new skill. The area I have chosen to explore is photography and I’m going to learn how to use lighting and design to create amazing pictures and then post about what I have done each week. My inspiration is @runnerkimhall with her cutsy photography.

Here is a timelime.

w1/w2 – gather materials basic, learn how to use camera and set up lighting, plan

w3/w4 – plan designs, finalise all reasources and buy them

w5/w6 – Photograph everything, maybe start presentation

w7 – Create presentation, present


Week 1.

After chosing an area I’m passionate about I started to gather my materials. Dad dug the old camera out of the cupboard and then realised it was broken so we took to a great camera repair shop ( and got it fixed. We also made a trip to Officeworks to find some pastel coloured cardboard for a background. After that it was back home to set up my photography studio. I set up the back ground and then the lighing but when I took the photo the colours didn’t look quite right. I tried all sorts of lighting then finally got one that worked but the lines weren’t straight and the white looked funny. Hopefully have better luck next time.

Will keep you up to date.

– Alice

Here are some of the the photos I took which didn’t work out.

Digital Art

Hi everyone,

In art we were exploring photoshopas part of our digital communication unit. My Photoshop is about how life is full of ups and downs and you need to be persistent. It shows a girl at the start of a long road. This shows the journey of life. The photo is black and white and the text being colour shows that there is always a bright side you just have to persistent.